Angela Lumicisi is an experienced vocal coach and public speaker having acquired her Bachelor of Music at the Melba Conservatorium of Music and her Graduate Diploma in Education at Monash University. Angela has been teaching and coaching in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions in the public, private and independent sectors for 20 years. 

Having worked with many actors, dancers, improvisation artists and speakers has lead Angela to take her skills in communication, connection and interpretation to develop programs to teach and inspire others how to harness and discover their own unique voice.

Angela offers a range of services such as:


One on one Singing and Vocal Coaching lessons.

My singing lessons will allow you to gain the skills and knowledge on how to use your voice in a trusting and supportive environment. My approach to singing is through a wholistic sensibility targeting the mental, physical and emotional aspects to create sound and music. ( Click here for details )

My coaching sessions are designed for more advanced singers who are looking to cultivate their songs into full bodied and well rounded pieces. Combining the dramatic, musical and emotional connections to their songs. ( Click here for course details )


The Ten Week Singing course for Actors  

Specifically designed to develop confidence and skills for beginning singing and for actors to enhance their vocal knowledge and skills for singing auditions and performances. ( Click here for course details )


Discover Your True Voice – Communicate with Confidence

This course is designed to teach key elements to help break down the fear and anxiety of speaking in public into logical and simple concepts. 


Master of Ceremonies

Each ceremony and celebration is a unique and special event.  As a Master of Ceremonies my main focus is on making each event professional, enjoyable and entertaining.  By bringing my talent and skills as a vibrant and engaging host, I will help you create a smooth, seamless and unforgettable event. ( Click here for details )